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  Meet Jessie the dog!

She tells her heartwarming story of   
how she went from being a distraught,
sickly, abandoned dog to a theray dog
and poster girl for Open Doors. It's a fun-to-read book that touches the heart, elicits some great chuckles, and inspires readers of all ages to get more involved in animal rescue.

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It's also available as a printable pdf for just $5.00. 
first and receive the pdf via email within 24 hours. 

All proceeds support animal rescue. 
  A PerPETual Dates-to-Remember Book, in calendar format.

Neighborhood rescues pose for the camera and tell their heartwarming stories as you note birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. Look for Jessie as Miss April, dressed elegantly in her Outward Hound raincoat (ready for
those April showers!).   

Photographs by Barbara Schwartz, text by Ruth Tschudin.  All proceeds benefit animal rescue.

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A 20-page booklet; a convenient size (3.5x8.5-inches) that fits nicely in a regular size envelope or a shirt pocket, ready to remind us to:

*  Have Faith Like Jesus...

* Grow in Strength and Wisdom...

* Be a Doer of theWord...

* Savor Life's Blessings, and

* Stay Focused.

Its 52 recommendations are filled with examples and references to hundreds of Scriptures and Biblical passage/stories that make it easier to walk in Jesus' footsteps.

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Booklets are useful for:

* individual and group study/discussion

* handouts, gifts, prizes, etc.

* fundraisers, and more.

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Growing in God's Direction

In 2010 Ruth was inspired by a word a day from a loving God. She reacted to each of them, and used them to draw closer to the God she loves so much. She has chosen a sampling (153 words, 310 pages) to share with those who desire to increase their faith, too. She challenges readers to answer the questions posed by these select verbs and experience for themselves the amazing impact they can have on our everyday lives.

This powerful book fits nicely into one's personal quiet-time library and is also a practical resource for group study and discussion.

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