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How You Can Help

Thank you for visiting this page. Your help is very much needed and appreciated. Together we can accomplish great things! You can help us in any of the following ways:

1. Donate to help people.
Let us know if you have a particular need that is dear to your heart and we will use your entire donation for that purpose. If you do not specify, we will use it for the most urgent and important need. You may donate in honor or memory of a loved one.

2. Donate to animal rescue efforts.
One hundred percent of your donation goes toward helping animals in need. You may designate a specific purpose for your gift, and you may donate in honor or memory of a loved one. Please email us and let us know how to use your donation. 

3. Make a Double Dose donation to help an animal in need.
We will match your donation, up to $100, to be given to an animal rescue group for a particular animal. We will send you a photo of the animal you are helping and describe how your donation is being used for that animal.

4. Donate to our Kids'n'Kritters Fund.
Read about our Impossible Dream on our "About Us" page, and give us a vote of confidence with your donation. 

5. Send traffic our way. 
Please connect our site to yours so those interested in helping people and animals can easily get to us.

6. Purchase our products. 
Spread the word so others read our books and purchase our products. All proceeds go to help people and animals.

7. Take part in our 2013 Bible Read-Through.
Read all about it and check out the monthly schedule. Be a Reader of the Word and see what wonderful results come of it.

8. Use your time and talent to promote the Worldwide Read-Thru.
Spread the Word by telling others about the Read-Thru, using on the Internet/social media, sending as an email attachment and posting the info in stores, churches and wherever interested people will see it. 

9. Share your dreams and creative ideas.
Email us with both small suggestions and huge, "Dare to Dream" project ideas. You may even qualify for one of our Lord Provides Grants for 2013.

10. Pray for our us and our world.
Please keep our Read-Thru and other endeavors in your prayers so we can grow boldly in God's direction! Think both trees and forest: individual people/groups/organizations as well as feelings, attitudes and faith-based actions that can be positively affect the world's challenges and misery.

Thanks very much. Whatever you can do to support our work is much appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible in accordance with the law. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, exempt ID#22-3698792.

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